We aremachine learningspecialists

Our partners are experts in their fields. They have years of experience using AI to solve different problems across many industries.

Our value proposition is simple: to help you reach your business goals using our knowledge and experience in AI.


Computer vision applied to production lines

We help you gather, manage and extract value out of your data in order to have a streamlined and consistent decision making process. We can help you identify opportunities where leveraging your data will take you to the next level.


Predictive analytics for automatic pricing and demand forecasting

We build custom Machine Learning models to take advantage of different types of data. Our team is proficient in the different areas of knowledge and tools required to successfully create them.

How we work

How we work.

We take pride in our work, and we believe that the quality of our results is closely related to the way we tackle projects.

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“Choosing Pento as consulting partner for one of our key projects in auto-commenting was clearly the right decision. Their dedication, high level of expertise and entrepreneurial mindset brought us further beyond original planned project targets. We are looking forward to continue our fruitful collaboration on new projects.”

Jürgen Goth
Head of Business Reporting, BASF Services Americas


Terran logo. A computer vision library made by Pento

Terran is a human perception library that provides computer vision techniques and algorithms in order to facilitate building systems that interact with people.

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