Agustín Azzinnari

Computer vision expert and NLP researcher. During the past 9 years Agustín has been taking on the most challenging set of problems he could take on. He started doing research in NLP, developing a Corpus that would be used for years to come in Uruguayan's University. Then, following the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words", he switched to Computer Vision. He has a shocking portfolio of projects, having done automatic categorization of items for the largest retailer in LatAm, predictive maintenance of equipment for one of the top energy companies in the World and automatic description of goods for the largest luxury second-hand retailer in the US, to name a few.

His passion in computer vision, together with his interest in giving back to the community, has lead him to formerly be involved in an object detection library (like FB's detectron but before it's time) and he is currently the leading force in the development of Terran. Complementing this, he is an amazing lecturer, having given presentations in different US and Uruguayan companies and conferences.