Pablo Soto

Machine Learning Expert and Team Leader. With 9 years of experience, Pablo has been always going the extra mile. An experienced leader, worked with several companies located in San Francisco. He dealt with really interesting projects ranging from automatic detection of hazardous set-ups in roofs displayed in drone imagery to automatically pricing unique SKUs with ML models. In his last collaboration, he coordinated the growth of his team by 5x, dramatically increasing the value provided to the company. He is Pento's expert in building pipelines, in the different ML cloud ecosystems, being very well-versed in the different services by major cloud providers.

An avid entrepreneur, he has had different ventures, connecting physical images with digital ones or matching professionals with companies needing consultants. He has been also involved with IIBCE - Uruguayan's Biological Research institute - collaborating on research, papers and giving workshops to share his ML and Data Science knowledge.